Flutes etc is where to find our musical instruments

Flutes etc means song and dance at AlpacaByjaca.com.

We stock a number of musical items at Flutes etc under the banner of Children & Novelties. They include fun as well as serious instruments like pan flutes of course and rattles, bells, and assorted shakers.

These items provide many hours of enjoyment for family activities where children and adults can play and beat, shake and rattle to the rhythms.

Then for the more serious musicians and those who are on their way to becoming so, we offer the …

• Gourd Plate Huiro Drum Maraca Combo ABJ10798P

• Maracas Professional Multi-colored ABJ10799P
• Gourd & Bean Rattle Shakere ABJ10783
• Donkey Mandible ABJ10770
and many more items for song and dance.
Please visit our store at www.AlpacaByjaca.com
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